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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Don't forget....your Thirty Minute Thursday task is to clean under the kitchen sink. I can't believe how much difference just doing some simple little 15-30 minute tasks is making! Little things do count...so don't forget!

I love my little days:
  • Move it Out Monday: declutter & fill a bag!
  • Track It Tuesday: This will be my weekly notebook and list checking day! Starting next week!
  • Wild Card Wednesday: This will change every week based on need!
  • 30 Minute Thursday: little tasks make a BIG difference
  • 15 minute Friday: even mini tasks...make a difference!
  • Super Clean Saturday: This of course has always been my "big chore" day
  • Celebrate Sunday: Eventually I would like this to become a "low" chore day and have some fun "me" things to do on this day of the week...like scrapping, crafting or just reading a good book!!

The truth is I like novelty and if I can make it novel and fun...as well as break it down into small chunks...I am much more likely to mark it off the list!! It also helps to build a routine too...since you just "know" the special challenge for that day! So if I combine my daily "to do" list with the special day challenges...I should really be up and running...sigh...REMEMBER..we actually have to DO IT....LOL

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I have a specific day for everything too and I love it. Put that part of my life on autopilot. Then I can focus on other crazy things around my house.

I take Saturdays off-- just make my bed and cook light meals. No "cleaning". I knit, spend time with my guys and relax-- love it!!