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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

Today's already off to a roaring start....I have on HSN Christmas in July...so I venture into the living room every now and then to take a peek at what's on. In keeping with my daily routines....I am straightening the kitchen first...just a bit more to do and it will be done for today!! A little each day is lots easier than letting it get REALLY messy...LOL

Then today is BATHROOMS...so on to those in just a bit! Maybe do a tad of decluttering in there also...the Master bathroom at least! And then of course the ever present LAUNDRY...My normal weekly list is a bit off since I'm off for summer...but I need to quickly get back into that routine as I return to work July 29th!

I want to come back and in bit and post a recipe for Watermelon slushies...oh so yummy and nutritious too as they use real watermelon!

BUT first....Don't forget tomorrow is Thirty Minute Thursday and you thirty minute work area is .....under the kitchen sink...YEP...you got it...dig around under there and get rid of all those partial bottles of cleaners and any other random stuff that has made its way into that dark...no man's land of lower cabinet land!! Pitch it, Use it, or find the right storage spot for it!!

Then we have Fifteen Minute Friday and your quick little 15 minute chore is to clean out the medicine cabinet. Get rid of outdated items, wipe down the shelves, and reorganize what tyou have left!

Back later with that slushie recipe!!!

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