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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Salutations

Good afternoon...I am taking a quick break from the kitchen to post here at Month by Month.

I am excited about the Houseworks Holiday Plan and the Holiday Grand Plan starting tomorrow. honestly I will most likely do my own uniques plan which will be a combination of both...I plan on working on my rather small front porch (as indicated in the HGP) and hitting the Paperwork and Planning (as outlined in HHP)....the reason being that the front porch is in dire need of some work and I am hoping to get dear hubby motivated enough to put up a new storm door. Paperwork is a BIG mess so it needs hitting seriously also. Every week I will NOT do both plans...impossible!!! But I will look at the week's offering and see which one best fits me, my week, and my home, and then plug away. This year I am setting a goal of thirty minutes each day to work the plan for that week. I hope I can do it!!!

Tonight is the Illinois-Mizzou game so we are having a few appetizers as we enjoy the game this evening. We will be having Rotel/Cheese Dip with nacho chips, wontonwrappers, and pigs in a blanket (mini size) as well as some assorted drinks!

Tomorrow will be my pre-prepping session in the kitchen! I plan to clean out the side freezer of the fridge also so I can use the items in there this week. I need to develop a freezer plan. Right now I have the side freezer in the kithen, a large stand up freezer and another smaller top section freezer that is part of an extra fridge we have in the garage. No order to these ...stuff it where it fits...WELL that has to stop...it is driving me bonkers!!

So with fall sneaking up on us I am off and running with way too many plans and projects but I am determined to keep moving forward.

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Carrie said...

Oh, your food for your tv time sounds yummy.

I am switching gears in the kitchen too... as of tomorrow fall cooking begins.