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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Track It Tuesday 8/26/08

Well today is a Track It Tuesday and it's time for all of us to reassess and get on track. I am working on a couple items in the tracking category.

1. Calendar and Lists: Since I no longer have clients to see in the evening...my calendar/planner has sort of been put to the way side. I need to reassess how I use this planner and see if I need to do something a bit different with it. Right now it has a calendar section and then a section for home, a sections for holidays, and a section for notes. It also includes an address section in the back.

2. Family Favorites Recipe Notebook: I am revamping my Family Favorites Recipe Notebook...I added some new dividers and am finally getting some recipes included in sections that I had neglected before! The first section of this binder houses my seasonal menu plans and so this is a good time to look at those fall favorites.

3. Desk Top: It's time for another desk top clean...sigh...when isn't it. I can't beleive how quickly paperwork accumulates and takes over the whole desk!

Well, that's it for me...at least for Track It Tuesday....join me....let's get back on Track Today!!!

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