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Monday, September 1, 2008

Keeping It REAL

Yeah...I know it's not winter yet...but I like the picture!. As we move into the holiday plan time of the year...the hustle and bustle of "get it all done". I just wanted to post a reminder...to Keep it Real! We can't do it all and shouldn't be expected to. Oh don't get me wrong I want to get as much organized as possible and I am determined to make gains in this house of mine...I feel like I have already but the direction I want to keep moving is forward.

But weekly lists should be manageable...one reason I sometimes fall off of long term plans is because I am unrealistic about what I can accomplish in one week...I know it is about moving forward but that long long list is pretty intimidating...so this year..instead of a long list...it is going to be 30 minutes a day to work on the room or focus area of the week. That's it...so if I do the 30 minutes but everything doesn't get marked off...so be it...I am still a SUCCESS!!!

So words of caution... KEEP IT REAL....!!!

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