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Thursday, October 2, 2008

October To Do List

Trying to get jump started on falling cleaning and prep for the holidays. So I thought it might be fun to try some little daily to dos...nothing too elaborate but a little mini task for each day. I planned to start it October 1st but you know what they say about best laid plans go astray. So here it is...

October 3rd: Clean lamp shades
October 4th: Clean out your purse
October 5th: Put out fall scented candles
October 6th: Wipe down all light switches with disinfectant
October 7th: Clean out the veggie drawer in the fridge
October 8th: Clean the TV screen
October 9th: Clean out the silverware drawer
October 10th: Clean out the "junk drawer" if you have one
October 11th: Put away all outside flower pots
October 12th: Find three new fall recipes to try
October 13th: Think Halloween...buy or make any cards you want to send
October 14th: Clean all mirrors in the house
October 15th: Buy new makeup for fall
October 16th: Sort and file paperwork on desk top
October 17th: Buy new throw away plastic containers in fall colors
October 18th: Clean microwave
October 19th: Wash and put out some fall throws
October 20th: Clean out your sock drawer
October 21st: Fall Magazine clean and pitch
October 22nd: Declutter and get rid of two bags worth of stuff today!
October 23rd: Clean out and update your budget notebook
October 24th: Get rid of all outdated spices
October 25th: Sort toys...donate some to goodwill
October 26th: Start stocking up on paperware...purchase plates and cups
October 27th: Clean out your wallet
October 28th: Buy some new towels for the bathroom...throw away old raggedy ones
October 29th: Clean ceiling fans
October 30th: Burn CDs of pictures you have on the computer.
October 31st: Sweep front porch, replace porch light bulb if needed.

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