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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thinking Things Through

Well October is HERE!!! I can hardly believe it and with October comes thoughts of all the things I planned to accomplish and didn't! Thinking that way can be a real drag and not very productive either. So today I challenged myself to get some things DONE that I have been putting off...so far I am about halfway through the list and still going strong.

As I have spoken of before one of my main problems...too much stuff....I continue to work on this but at times it just seems overwhelming. Today I have been sorting and pitching some notebooks...YIKES...you say...notebooks...yes!! When I started the whole organized home notebook etc...saga...I created a notebook for EVERYTHING...goodness it took a lot of time keeping up with all those notebooks and slowly they fell to collecting dust. Here is a list of the ones I still use frequently:
  • Easter
  • Holidays Through the Year
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Month by Month
  • Budget Notebook
  • Seasonal Notebooks (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • Recipe ones

What I am in the process of weeding and working through are notebooks like...Backyard Bash (for our annual summer party), Garden Notebook, Vacation Notebook, Celebrations notebook, and a few other event specific notebooks. When I decided about a year ago to develop seasonal notebooks I mostly focused on household stuff, seasonal chores etc...but in an effort to consolidate and make the notebooks more user friendly I have been working on including the items that are needed from each of the speciality notebooks.

For example: Backyard Bash Plans, Garden Notes, and Vacation stuff...go in the SUMMER notebook...along with notes for Seasonal chores, Christmas in July Ideas etc...

Along with my decluttering and simplifing my notebooks I am developing a new mind set about STUFF...I am slowly sorting and using less fall decor...and NOT adding anymore...for everything you own....remember...you have to get it out, display it, clean it, put it away etc... The living room looks nice with just a few focal points of fall...and hopefully it will make the transition into Christmas easier too. This year...TWO trees ONLY...the little kitchen tree and the main tree in the living room....It took me till October to really appreciate my 2008 Word: SIMPLFY!!!

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