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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Morning Musings

Posted below is a recipe for soup that I think you'll enjoy. The weather has turned a bit cold here so perfect soup weather. I hope you enjoy this spicy flavor of the Corn and Chicken Soup Mexican Style.

I am quickly realizing that Christmas will be here before I know it....so a lot of my time and energy will be devoted for preparing for the holidays. I am intending to work on home and Christmas every day from now until the big event. I am a tad nervous about gifts and such because I am a little behind schedule with those. As always with the house...just keep plugging away.

I am working on the basement and decluttering and putting it in order...since most of my Christmas decor/gifts/etc are stored down there ...it is a MUST...I only made a tiny dent in what needs to be done but it is a start...

This year I am taking a simple approach to Christmas with less decor and such...I currently have up just a small amount of my fall decor and I am like the bright touches here and there and I think it gives the house just the right touch of autumn. Hopefully packing it away will be easier also! :) I have many lovely things but honestly had stopped appreciating them because of the amount of time and effort it took to get them out, clean, store, and display them etc... My goal is to work slowly toward getting the things I have organized FULLY...and then not adding anymore or if I add one or two items...then disposing of one or two items.

I am finding that "things" while lovely....are just that....things...and unless they bring joy and beauty into our lives than they are just too much trouble to fool with...LOL....that's how the basement ended up like it is now...TOO MUCH STUFF....time to unload it and feel FREE!!! In letting go of "things"....I open up time and energy for other things!

Well....time to get to work....see you again soon! Enjoy the recipe!

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