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Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Word Update

My word for 2009 is ACTION....and in keeping with "living my word" for 2009...I am considering several things....
  • Monthly event planning will be a BIG focus this year because I seem to have lots of great ideas that never seem to come to fruitation.
  • Monthly Personal Goals will come back into the forefront for me. I have worked on these off and on for some time and they cover 8 areas of my life. This year I plan to make them more concrete so I can take specific ACTION to live them each month.
  • Around the House: This is another area where action is needed...I am making a pledge to do two things....1. Follow the Room of the Month plan and 2. Work through my Home
    Improvement list during 2009. And actually get some things marked off.
  • Calendar: I will check my calendar three times daily and transform my day runner into a personal instrument for my ACTION
  • Budget: I will work on my budget goals and update/review at least twice a week.

I am sure there will be other things added to the list as the year approaches and then unfolds before me. The main idea is to work toward marking things off the list...lol...and I have a terrific set of monthly to do list pads to help with the endeavor...there's a pad for each month...cute and seasonal!

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