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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Little of This and That

Somedays I have some little briefs snippets to update you on...this is one of those days.
  • January Journey Update: Day after Christmas shopping I picked up the cutest light blue paperware snowmen plates and glasses for the January Journey event. They're perfect since January is often snowy and cold around here. They were 50% off too even though they are more winter than Christmas.
  • Menu Planning Update: I'm working a little at a time on the January menu. I hope to have it ready by the last day of December. Don't know why I can't get in the food mood...maybe too much holiday fare!
  • Mini Event Planning: I typed up some mini event planners to put in my 5 x 7ish sized planner. I'll try to get a copy up soon. They are NOTHING elaborate just a place to jot down a few notes about monthly events.
  • Month by Month Notebook Revamp: It's time to get the month by month notebook ready for a new year...I'm going to review old lists and add some new items...more about that a bit later...January will be the time to work on the Jan-March sections so I'll be posting about how that is going.
  • Monthly Personal Life Goals: I have decided to make the monthly goals more concrete this year since ACTION is my 2009 Word and I just think it's easier to review whether you've accomplished something or not if you have it very specific. I have the goals for January set and I'll pop in later to post them.

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