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Monday, December 29, 2008

Spread Your Wings

Over at my celebrate me blog: Just Ginger I have up a new header...with the motto..Spread Your Wings....so along with my 2009 Word ACTION....I am going to live that little motto during the year also...as I think about it...it reminds me of several things about life in general and my personal journey through life...
  • Spread Your Wings...be all that you can be...soar a little...don't get weighed down by the complex nature of daily life!
  • Spread Your Wings...do all those little things you've been meaning to...get them marked off the list and fly!
  • Spread Your Wings....embrace new things, sights, friendships, adventures...
  • Spread Your Wings....appreciate who you are....love yourself...and get to know yourself!

You can use my motto or make up one of your own for 2009....but take a few minutes as the new year is quickly approaching...take a few minutes to reflect on your direction in life!

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