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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Joy

Here's a picture of one of the reasons I've been so busy lately..Evan is two and loving the whole Christmas saga even though he doesn't quite.."get it" yet. He loves the 24 Days of Christmas gifts and the tree. A couple days after we put the tree up. He came into the office where I was working early in the morning. He had been sitting on the sofa and I had the tree lights on. He said..."the tree". And since he is two sometimes he is a bit hard to understand...so I said "what" and he said "the tree" and I said..."oh the tree? What about it?" And then he said..."I like it!"...
So cute to see Christmas through the eyes of a child and even though we are simplifying this year....he is enjoying the love and good cheer...the parties...he stayed up till almost midnight this past week end visiting and entertaining all the guests at our party. I am sure he will be sad when we have to pack things away this year. He won't understand that it will all come again!!!
So MERRY CHRISTMAS all you Month by Month readers....and I promise come January we will be off on some new adventures here at Month by Month...for one thing I have one or two special events planned for each month of 2009...and I will share the menus, planning, ideas etc with you in case you want to have something similar in your life...the first one is called January Journey and its a "girls only" event...but more about that coming soon!!!

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