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Friday, December 19, 2008

January 2009 at Month by Month

Enjoy your holidays!!! Can't believe Christmas is almost here! Below find a list and brief description of some things I have planned for Month by Month in January 2009.

  • January Journey is a "girls only" event that I am planning for some of my family and friends. I will be posting complete details soon in case you would like to plan your own January Journey.

  • Chinese New Years Party: I will be hosting a party this year for the Chinese New Years and I will share the event planning with you here at Month by Month.

  • Mini Event Planners: I will talk about the mini event planners that I mention often in the Monthly Magic...and get a printable copy online.

  • January Menus: This has certainly changed for me since my youngest is away at college...just not cooking as much but I will put up some menus for January...and share a few recipes also.

I'll be checking in throughout the rest of December but we will really get moving in January!!!

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