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Monday, December 1, 2008

Final Countdown

Woohoo.....we are in the final Countdown to Christmas...don't know whether to be excited or cry...LOL. There's still plenty to do! Yesterday I did not accomplish everything on the December Rush list but here is what I did manage:
  • Decorated the livingroom tree...and it is lovely...It is a new tree and it is six and a half feet tall where our other one was seven BUT it is much thicker and fuller and I like it a lot. The decorations fill it up nicely and it is a perfect fit for the livingroom!
  • I wrapped ten of the 24 gifts...which should work for now because I mainly wanted to send them with Kelsey to college and she will be home again before she needs the others!!
  • Evan's Elf arrived...he was more interested in the Polar Express movie that arrived with the elf..LOL


  • Cards for MHH exchange...don't give up on me!! LOL
  • Update and plan lists
  • Online shopping

I think I will try for sure to complete the online shopping tonight or at least a big part of it because no one will be here except hubby and Evan and neither one will pay any attention to what I'm doing ...lol....so no snooping!!

Here at Month by Month for December it will be mostly involving Christmas...then come January 1st we will be off and running for a brand new year....2009....

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