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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Party Planners

One of the things I find most useful is to create party planners or mini event planners. These often single sheet planners list menus, drinks, decorating ideas, ingredient lists, party favor ideas, and all other party info...what a lifesaver when time gets away from you and the event is almost here.

For those of you that follow Monthly Magic, you will know that each month starts out with the directions to fill out any party planners or mini event planners. The difference between the two are pretty few. The party planner is more for a full blown event while the mini planner can be for anything...even a trip to see Santa or theater night...any event that needs some preplanning...whether its buying outfits, ordering tickets, or inviting guests....preplanning is essential!

I like to keep the planner sheets in my Month by Month notebook and use them the following year as a guide for any new activities that come up....then the old ones are trashed and the new ones take the main role in the notebook. Once the holidays are over and January looms....cold and boring...I'll get a couple sample planner forms up online for you to use or tweak to your own satisfaction.

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