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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Track It Tuesday

It's TRACK IT TUESDAY...and this will be a good time for a little tracking...tomorrow is the last day of 2008 so time to get prepared for the year ahead. I'm a little tired from all the excitement of the Alamo Bowl Game...M-I-Z....Z-O-U!!!! Whew that missed field goal and over time about exhausted me...PLUS today we are off to Columbia to have dinner and then go to the MU Basketball game...with some friends. So my Track It Tuesday will probably be combined with my WILD CARD WEDNESDAY...as there are lots of things I want to get set up:
  • Clean out and organize budget notebook
  • Set up Month by Month notebook for the coming year
  • Work on January Jounrney Plans
  • Clean out and organize planner that I carry...insert new calendar pages etc!
  • Clean off desk top.

So it might take me both days to get through that little list...What do you have planned for tracking? Remember tracking can be as simple as your to do list for the rest of the week/month or as complicated as setting up a whole household notebook....BUT if you work on tracking a little each week...it helps keep everything in order and at your fingertips.

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