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Friday, January 2, 2009

Fifteen Minute Friday 1/2/09

I was reading over on the boards and Basket, a member of Magical Holiday Home suggested having a challenge of a clean desk everyday...not sure I can manage that one...lol...but I LOVE the idea of a desk day....last year I used Fifteen Minute Friday for different small tasks during the year BUT now Basket has me thinking....hmmmm....maybe I will use my fifteen minutes EVERY Friday to work on clearing and keeping track of things at my desk. I could certainly use it...seems the desk is always accumulating stuff and I have misplaced more things than you could every believe!!! Another benefit would be...I'd never have to decide what to do for Fifteen Minute Friday...I'd already have a focus....THANKS Basket...I'm going to DO it...it will help me live my word....ACTION for 2009!!!!

Anyone care to join me in Fifteen Minute Friday?....for 2009....you can either pick a focus area that you will work on for fifteen minutes each Friday and keep it the same all year...or you can pick a different spot every Friday...but lets get moving...in 2009...we can move ahead together!

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