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Sunday, January 4, 2009

January Section of Notebook

Okay it's time to revamp our Month by Month notebooks. Yes...I told you before...the Month by Month notebook is NEVER done. It is always a work in progress. So here's my plan...the what's done, the what needs to be changed and the what I want to add:
  • Cover/Divider for January is DONE
  • Calendar pages...need to print some and also plan on printing and filling in a monthly list for birthdays/anniversaries/other special days to remember.
  • January Monthly Magic...rather than reprinting I am just hand writing in the additions for Celebrate Me Day and Hippity Hoppity Day
  • January Room of the Month List: Need to copy and put it in notebook
  • Daily To Dos ....need to refile the list for January...I stopped actually marking them off and just used the sheet as a reminder of my daily "to dos" ...I also posted a copy on the refridgerator...I NEED a constant PUSH!! LOL
  • I need to look over my Seasonal Chores list and divide it into months.
  • I also want to print out and rework my "home projects list" for 2009. I'd like to give the projects ...complete by dates and file accordingly.
  • Need to fill out and file the ideas for each of the Special Days this month...Hippity Hoppity is TODAY but I already have completed what's on that one...thanks goodness!!
  • IN ADDITION: I added a section called Holiday Planning and behind it I am filing my list of ideas for what I want to accomplish each month on the special days. I basically use the ideas from Monthly Magic but sometimes there is something specific to me or more details that need to be noted and it helps to see the whole year laid out.
  • Last but not least: I need to print out my January Personal Life Goals. I have written them and I just need to put them in the notebook.

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