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Monday, January 12, 2009

Three and Threes

In an ongoing effort to keep myself motivated and on top of things I'm working my three and threes. Each night I sit down and jot three things I'd like to get accomplished the next morning. I keep them pretty smallish tasks because I do not have a lot of time in the mornings to work around the house BUT even three little things can make a difference for sure!

Then either at the same time or a lunch during the day...I jot down three things I want to accomplish in the evening...again nothing HUGE because honestly I know I just will not get them done. Usually one of the evening three are the "day" project...like Move It Out Monday or Fifteen Minute Friday etc.

Since getting discouraged and overwhelmed is a common theme for me...I consider my day a success if I accomplish my three and threes...even if the rest is a wreck...LOL. Honestly working the three and threes can make a big difference since over the course of a week it is 15 things in the morning and 15 things in the evening. I don't count the weekends because Super Saturday is where I do most of the major cleaning around here!

To make my task FUN...I bought little monthly "to do" lists...there's one for each month and they are "cute". I love marking off the items and I use one page per day. As well as the three and threes I also list any errands, calls, or other to dos that HAVE to be done that day!

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