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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Track It Tuesday 1/13/09

It's time for Track It Tuesday...the day of the week to focus on lists, calendars, notebooks etc. I have decided that EVERY Track It Tueday is going to be the time that I look over bills and mail...those two things seem to accumulate and get here, there and every where.

So Tuesdays are the days to round them up and get them sorted and placed in the bill drawer where they belong. It's also going to be the day that I focus on my budget notebook and do a financial check up via the internet banking site. Nothing elaborate but just a quick check through to make sure every thing is being recorded correctly and coincides with my records.

For your Track It Tuesday...you can make it the same thing every week or you can mix it up a bit by picking a different focus each week...BUT the main thing is ....let's Track It and make sure we are staying on top of things!!

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