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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Guess what? It's TRACK IT TUESDAY...so today's the day for lists, notebooks, budget and checkbook work....get on track and let's move through January!

I am working on some Vintage Valentine's crafts...hmmm...when I get them finished I will try to get some pics up. I love pictures because I think they add so much to a post. I am working on a heart garland. I was inspired by some of the wonderful blogs about vintage crafts and I just had to try my hand at it. I am sure mine won't be as lovely but its a lot of fun just working on something!

I am working on creating a little fairy cabinet featuring some of my favorite fairy items and books. It is a slow work in progress because of course as always time is limited. I am using a tall cabinet...ummm about foru feet tall and it has a door and four little squsre cubby hole shelves inside. The bottom one will hold my fairy books and on the other three I will create little fairy scenes...using some of my itsy items and fairy related stuff.

And I am STILL decluttering...this is one job that will NEVER go away. As I declutter I am finding some little treasures among the trash that I will recycle or repurpose and use...My goal is to get through EVERY drawer in this house by the end of 09...and as I go I am picking a purpose for each drawer and then using it ONLY for it's purpose...you know a PLACE for everything and everything in its PLACE...LOL

Another goal for 2009 is surround myself with stuff I love...now this sounds like clutter but actually not...by keeping only the things I love I can get rid of a lot of stuff...BUT one thing I have to realize is that "loves" change over time...so if I loved it five years ago fine...but do I still love it? If not....out it goes!!

Well...I must get ready for work so off I go....more later about my projects and goals for 09.

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