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Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Update

Currently I am swapped with taxes and college stuff....the crunch is on...Normally April 15th is tax crunch time but with Kelsey at college I need all of our tax stuff completed this weekend...that way we can finish her financial aide application as the deadline is March 1st!!! Yikes...where did February go to...anyhoo....you aren't interested in all that boring stuff...Here's an Update for Month by Month:
  • I found lots of after Valentine's Day goodies that I want to share with you here...several of them are items that are not particular to Valentines Day and will be used in a couple Just Ginger projects...I can't wait to get started on those...one will be a Fairy Goodies tulle/silver basket...its hard to explain a picture will be best....and the other is a little Easter Surprise using these same basket/gift bags that I picked up at Walgreens on Valentine's clearance for 25 cents each!!!
  • Next: I'm working hard on my Spring Notebook and my Easter Notebook...pictures are coming soon so you can get a glimpse at how I use each one...For some people just a Spring Notebook that includes Easter might be just the thing...I have two different ones...but I don't know that that is needed!!
  • I am going to be transitioning soon into my Spring menu planning and this will start to include more salads...I'll be sharing some yummy recipes.

Well....that's a big enough list for now...This weekend I'll pop back in and get up some photos of a few items for you to enjoy...IF you haven't already...get out there and shop the after Valentine's clearance...you are going to find so many goodies you won't believe it...and not just things to use for Valentine's Day...they can be used to create all types of gifts!!!

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