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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Ginger: Fairy Valentine Bag

As promised I will be sharing some Just Ginger items with you. These items will be things that I discover and/or make that are fairly simple and inexpensive yet ...cute...well at least I think they are cute. LOL. Above is a package of Martha Stewart ribbon that I picked up at Walmart. The reason I wanted to show it to you is this. I first picked up an assorted pack of ribbon in the craft/scrapbook area. It had four valentine ribbons in the package and each ribbon was a yard long...so it was 4 yards for $2.97....then I just happened to see some this Valentine ribbon hanging on a back end cap. In this package you get 5 types of ribbon...and each one has 4 yards of it for a total of 20 yards of ribbon for $3.97. WOW...that's a much better deal!
Next here's a pack of peppermint coffee/tea/hot chocolate spoons I picked up after Christmas at Kohls. On clearance for 70% off so the total cost of the spoons was $2.10. There are 8 spoons in the package and each are individually wrapped at about a cost of 26 cents a spoon. They are not specifically Christmasy which is why I grabbed them and they certainly have a long shelf life. I've used two of the spoons already!!!!

So here is the stuffed Fairy Valentine Bag. It's stuffed with the items pictured below and is intended for the daughter of one of the girls at work. She is "into" fairies and since I had the stuff and wanted to play around with a project...this was the perfect opportunity!

Here are the details of the items.

  • Multi-colored heart mini tote bag purchased last year after Valentine's Day: 25 cents,
  • Fancy Red draw string bag with feathers purchased after Christmas 12 cents.
  • To the right of that is a little altered book. It is a blank book that I found at Dollar General called Angels in Disguise. They were 2 for a dollar. I used some heart paper and stickers to make it a little Valentine Fairy Book!
  • Below that you see the strings for the tea bags. I added the tiny hears. You can also do one larger heart but I didn't have a large heart punch so I just used the tiny one I had!
  • To the left of the tea bags is a red candy stirring sppon that I added ribbons to
  • Last a star wand that I also embellished with ribbon. The wands came in a four pack in the Valentine section of Walmart for $2.00. So the wands are 50 cents each.
  • Last I printed the Fairy Tea poem and put it on some card stock with a heart!

I tucked the three tea bags and card with the poem into the little red bag before inserting it into the tote. Then I just tucked in the other items and viola...a cute inexpensive original Valentine's gift. TOTAL COST is about $2.20 (figuring in a few cents for the ribbon and tea bags). Hope you enjoy it and are inspired to create some fun little gifts yourself!


peata said...

this is an awesome gift idea.
very creative.

Leann said...

Very nice... I love the way that you think girlfriend!!