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Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Almost Spring

It's Almost Spring....and here's a little idea for keeping track of Gardening and Yard stuff...Buy a package of Oxford Classic Ruled Index Cards....Spiral Bound....5" x 8".....these are available at most office supply stores although I first looked at Walmart. Our Walmart had the smaller sized cards spiral bound but not the large ones. The spiral binding is across the top and you open the cards up just like a little notebook but the pages are a bit sturdier...

If you'd like and I'd suggest it decorate the cover of this little notecard set with something spring-like. I believe that when things are pretty we tend tos use them more and they bring joy into our lives. Then use the first card in the set to create a little title page....use some inspirational quotations and other "fun" things....

This is going to be your outside...to do list, master chore list, garden journal etc...all rolled into one...and unless you are an avid gardener and journal keeper...50 cards should be plenty for the whole season.

Start by creating a card for each outdoor space that you hope to care for or create in this season. For example: Front Flower Bed by porch, Patio, Beds behind the Garage, Rock Bed, Fairy Garden, etc. At the top of the card write the outdoor space name and then on that card write a list of things that you need/want to accomplish with that particular area. Be sure to include routine chores also...like weed the bed, mulch etc...In the end the card should contain plans/dreams for that area as well as the to dos that are necessary for upkeep. This becomes your to do list and master card for that particular space. Right now I have seven or eight such areas....haven't decided if I am going to replant one area beside the patio or let it return to its natural state.

Now let's say I end up with 8 Area Cards.....Following those 8 cards I will create 8-16 reference cards one for each area...they will be labeled Front Flower Bed Notes, Patio Notes etc. The purpose of these cards are to record information about the type of plants I try in those beds this year. I am working toward perrenials but I also have some annuals too...so instead of keeping all those little stakes...I write the info on these cards...if you have a big bed or big list...allow two cards for each bed. If you like you can create a little map of each bed and label the plants as they are located in that bed.

The next section will be my Gardening Journal....thoughts, notes, ideas, etc about the season as it unfolds....some may just be inspirational...some may be important for remembering next year. At the very back of the notecard book I will reserve 3-5 cards for a section called Things I Want to Try Next Year....Then when I come across a certain plant I'd like to try out...or a friend suggests one...I'll jot a note to myself in this little section....or perhaps this year it is too late to thin out some plantings but I know next year I will HAVE to do it....those notes go in this section also.

This is just my little take on outdoor planning...so if the Spring bug is biting you already....maybe you will want to set one up also...When I get a minute....I'll post a picture of the little creation!!

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