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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Notebook

I pulled out my Summer Notebook and what awaited me....several sections of reminders that I want to consider this year...

Section One: Summer Months Calendars with vacations, trips, events, and other items recorded on them.

Section Two: Summer Chores List...all those things that nag at my mind to do...jotted down in a nice list...just waiting to be marked up and accomplished!! Well....its a long list so hopefull some of the items will get marked off!!

Section Three: Christmas in July ....yep its almost here,....that long hot month where Christmas is my focus...when it rolls around I KNOW I need to get bust if I plan on being prepared for Christ 2009!!

Section Four: Backyard Bash.....a special place for planning our annual backyard theme party....this year the theme is Hillbilly Hoedown....and I need to start working...our date is July 18th this year....and there's lots to do...first on the list is send out the invitations!!! Well actually make them first...LOL

That's about the extent of my Summer Notebook...but it feels so good to have it out...summer breezes by so quickly and the notebook helps me stay on track both chores wise and fun wise!!!

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