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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Christmas in July Topic: Gift Wrap

An easy and fun way to spice up an ordinary gift is to think of a creative way to wrap it...unusual paper, basket, or bucket. Any innovative gift packaging adds to the fun. I also like to choose items to package the gift in that can also be used as part of the gift. Examples:

1. A bucket decorated with what ever the theme is. Use car paper for a tin fun of toy cars for a young boy...a great storage container for the toy shelf. Or make a spa bucket with lotions, gels, sponges etc...again storage for the bathroom.

2. Popcorn bowl: full of snack food.

3. A trash can filled with office items

4. Scrapbooking supplies packaged in one of those mini three drawer untis and tied with a ribbon.

5. You can also wrap clothing in a laundry bag for college students

6. Buy a nice cookie sheet, cookie cutters and sprinkles...wrap them in Christmas Saran wrap and put a big colorful bow on them.

I'm sure there are tons of creative ideas....but it's JULY....its time to jot them down in your Christmas planner and pick the ones you want to use this year...Times a ticking!!!

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