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Friday, July 3, 2009

Making Wrapping Paper

I've always been in love with the idea of making wrapping paper. I recognize that with after Christmas sales I can purchase wrapping paper at a fraction of the cost of making it...but IDK...I've just always wanted to make some...I'm sure it would be far to stressful to make ALL of my wrapping paper since we give quite a few gifts...BUT anyway...since gift wrapping is one of this weeks focus topics...I went in search of "making paper"...

And I discovered this lovely little package above...see what I mean ....it is so pretty and simple and elegant looking...I love it...It's from Birdcage Cards (blog) and if you take a peek over there you will see the step by step directions...HMMMM....maybe I could make my own paper for something special like the party gifts for my friendship brunch/tea/oranment exchange. Which ever one I decide to host this year! That would keep the project small enough but also fun.

Another version of this would be to decorate those brown paper lunch bags and use them as gift bags....HMMM...I was just cleaning out the pantry the other day and found a whole stack of these. Without kids here we seldom "brown bag it" so I have no idea how long they have been there...If I get a free moment after the 4th...I think I will try my hand at a couple of bags...and I'll post some pictures here when I'm finished!!

I have always liked the brown paper or kraft paper look...this year my main living room theme is going to be rustic so making paper or some gift bags that coordinate with this whole theme really appeals to me...BUT remember SIMPLIFY....so i need to just do a little here or there and not get in over my head...AGAIN...lol!

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