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Friday, July 10, 2009

The "Magic" of Christmas

WOW...week two has already started and I am barely off and running here at Month by Month. For week two we are thinking about the "magic of Christmas" and I'm going to start out with something a bit different. Normally we think of the Magic Elves, Faeries, 24 Days etc as part of the Magic and while that is true....there's just more to it then that.

To me the BIG part of the Magic of Christmas is in the little things we do for others...and when I entertain I try to make that a central idea of the dinner party....little cute touches that aren't really "necessary" but that makes each guest feel pampered and special...whether its a special party favor, place cards, or a new kind of wine...it's the little touches that matter the most. Everyday life is forgotten about for a while and the "magic" of Christmas replaces the mundane.

Here's A List of "little touches" to bring the magic of Christmas to life:
  • Special name tags that can be taken home as party favors.
  • Wine charms that have a special meaning for the guest...like a baseball for a baseball fan or a starfish for an ocean lover. etc.
  • Fancy table settings...we so seldon do that at home any more so what a treat.
  • Special Signature Drinks
  • Little holiday desk items for the secretaries etc at work...given EARLY in December for use during the month.
  • Photos of the event, printed or emailed to atendees after the event.
  • A CD of photos of friends throughout the year makes an easy December party favor and will bring years of enjoyment.
  • Specialty hand soaps and lotions in your bathrooms.
  • Treat bags to take home....just like for the kids but on an adult level.
  • Special hot chocolate
  • Beautiful Christmas music playing in the background.
  • LOTS and LOTS of white lights and/or white candles...so beautiful and relaxing
  • Little packets of tea given at a Freindship tea to be enjoyed later.

Well you get the idea...none in and of themselves are very BIG but just little fun things that delight the senses and nurture the soul.

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House Elf said...

It is in the little things! Your guests must feel very special. I love the idea of a photo cd of the year, what a wonderful thing.