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Monday, August 3, 2009

August Section Calendar & Card List

After the Table of Contents....is of course...THE MONTHLY CALENDAR....I jot down all the "special holiday prep days" as well as Birthdays, appointments, etc. As I am planning different things...everything from a home cleaning project to a birthday party....I refer to the calendar. On Sundays I try to do what I call a Look Ahead....I check the coming week....and the coming month to see whats what and if there is something I need to be working on. The calendar I use is a SIMPLE printed on from Publisher program. One year I used a lovely colored one from an online site and I hated to write on it...it was sooooo cute......but the whole purpose of a calendar is to use it!!!
Next I have printed out Birthday Calendars from chartjungle.com These are pretty simple and list the date down the left side of the page with blanks for writing the birthdays. Well actually this says Birthday Calendar but I use it for anniversaries or anything I would need a card or gift for. You can easily create a similar one in excel if you are inclined to. Chart Jungle has tons and tons of printables.
Back later with more photos of the August section!!

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