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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Autumn Notebook Challenge: Week One

It's time to get started. First an overview and some ideas to ponder. Then you will need to make a decision about how to set up your notebook.

There are lots of ways to set up the notebook, so first you need to ask yourself what you want this notebook to accomplish/do. Is it primarily an archive of Fall Stuff? Is it a three month household notebook? Is it a combination? Do you see it as a daily working notebook or a special events notebook? Try to fine tune your ideas about the notebook because thay will direct you in the best method for setting up your notebook.

I am going to share my set up. It may work for you or you may choose to go a whole different direction.

Inside the notebook:

  • Front sheet that says Autumn..behind it I will place my notebook table of contents at the end of this challenge. It will come last then I will not have to keep redoing it every time I think of something new.
  • September Divider and behind it are three sections: Home and Garden, Holidays & Events, and Celebrating
  • October (same as above)
  • November (same as above)

Here are some ideas for things to go behind the sections:

  • Home and Garden: Calendars, Home Checklist, Seasonal Chores Checklist, Garden Checklist, Journal page for September for dreaming about home and garden, Ideas from magazine or online pertaining to home and garden in the fall, back to school stuff, monthly menu plans, etc.
  • Holidays & Events: Any holidays for that month, local events, quick get away ideas for the month, party ideas, birthday plans, journal page
  • Celebrating: Decor ideas, traditions, themes you may use, ideas to make your life colorful, journal page, hobbies and craft ideas to try, fun little things to celebrate me, etc

Now I have decided to organizing mine monthly...three months and behind each month the three sections BUT you could organize it by the three sections: Home and Garden, Holidays and Events, and the Celebrating and behind each of those place the three months. It's a personal choice. Or some may decide to do sections for Crafts, Holidays, Home, Hobbies, etc. Doesn't matter. What does matter is getting started. So get busy...pick a way and pull the cover sheets and sections together. Later we will add the "goodies" .

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