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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Autumn Notebook Challenge

Okay...we are all set for the Autumn Notebook Challenge...right? Right? Well if not ...get out there and get your notebook and dividers....September 1st is coming up on Tuesday....so out weekly challenges will post EVERY TUESDAY in September...and by the end of the motnh you will have your notebook set up and ready to use for the fall season this year and every year!!

Week One: September 1st: Overview of the sections/items/set up.

Week Two: September 8th: The Month of September

Week Two: September 15th: The Month of October

Week Three: September 22nd: The Month of November

Week Four: September 29th: Catching up and Pulling it all together

As I mentioned, I'll be working the challenge with you...so let's pull together a great resource.

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House Elf said...

Excellent, looking forward to the challenge :)