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Monday, September 28, 2009


It's almost October!!!

Time for some Autumn regrouping....it's hard for me to blog when things are falling down around my head so please know that I am still with you...but I have to lead by example which means house first....blog second!!

For October I am going to focus on TWO main things.....here at Month by Month...
  • Freezer OAMC (Once A Month Cooking)...I'm using some recipes someone posted about that are on Recipezarr...and so far things are working great. I'll share the links to the recipes and tell you how my first mini chicken cooking session went. I am planning a mini ground beef session next so I'll be sharing that also.
  • Clutter Clutter Clutter...this is the absolute KEY to a clean house....well....decluttering is the key...We are going to take a ruthless approach here at Month by Month and part of it will involve the closet...and clothing pods...so Autumn wardrobes...beware...!!!

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House Elf said...

Looking forward to clearing clutter! Love the chorus line of skeletons :)