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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Autumn Notebook Challenge Week Two

Autumn Notebook Challenge Week Two: September

Okay....a few days behind putting up this information but according to our schedule, week two is the time to work on September. Since we are halfway throught the month, we are playing a little catch up on this one. In a way this can be good because as the month unfold, you can see the things that need to be included in this section.

Possiblities include:

  • School Events Calendar

  • List of Fall Gardening Chores

  • List of Home Chores/Seasonal for September

  • Notes for the beginning of the Halloween Countdown

  • Any Local Events to Attend

  • Birthday Ideas and/or Ideas for the First Day of Fall

  • Inventory of Autumn Decor

  • Colorful Ideas: Fun Things for Yourself this month

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