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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Hot Housework

I know the title caught your attention....lol. It is VERY hot here today...is suppose to be hot all week....so today I will be working inside until evening and then I simply MUST work on the faery garden in front of the house. The backyard beds are all overgrown and crazy but I just can't seem to get to them...

Today my focus will be books, laundry, and the kitchen. Just got back from the flea market and I have a few finds to share with you later. I'll take some pictures here in a bit because pictures are always a fun way to share! But here's the list:

1. Sun wall hanging (from Mexico) to use in my office at school

2. New plants for the faery garden

3. A cute little end table

4. A hat box (I couldn't resist...it's Paris themed)

5. Christmas Dishes (Set for Four) They are snowmen....I already have a green set with snowmen but I figured this one could mix and match with it.

It was a good day for finds. :)

So I'll blog a bit more and then ...to work to work....on this hot hot housework...

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