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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kitchen Clutter

I'll be doing some kitchen declutter this morning before heading off to see Wicked, so I thought I'd jot a short post about my thoughts on kitchen clutter.

Kitchen gadgets can be a blessing or a downfall. How many of the latest gadgets do you have and where do you store them? I have come to the realization that less is better. Many times we are lured into buying the sandwichmaker, smores maker, kitchen chopper, quesidilla maker etc etc and really all they do is present storage problems.

Do they save us work? In my book, the answer would be no. I spend as much time getting out, cleaning them and restoring them as it would take to just do whatever kitchen task...by hand or the old fashioned way. Oh, there are a few I love and use daily or several times a week. Like my minature blender that I make smoothies in ....I use it almost daily or at least five times a week. So it takes up a tiny bit of space on the countertop because it is used OFTEN.

The other thing that tends to accumulate lots of stuff is my utensil drawer....that is in need of a serious declutter. I use most of the items in there frequently but how many does one really need. The melon scooper could be delegated to a different spot since it is only used once in awhile. This drawwer will be my goal for this morning. Perhaps getting rid of a few items, changing a few to different locations, and in general making it easier to find what is needed.

So I'm off to make a breakfast smoothie, blog a couple posts on some other blogs, and then declutter a tiny bit in the kitchen. If I get back early from Wicked, I'll pop in with a new recipe for today.

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