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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Victory and Spontaneity

So you know how I was writing about Housework, Blogging and Life.....well....life is happening AGAIN....lol.

My niece called today to see if I could go see Wicked at Foz Theatre tomorrow with her...yes I had planned on cleaning more....all day actually but come on....2nd row seats....well....I said YES of course. I rationalized and said I'd clean tonight and in the morning.....

Thursday evening is our regualr MT night....drinks, dinner and chit chat with friends...can't possibly miss that now!

Then LIFE again........my young friend called to see if Kelsey and I could meet him for a bite to eat this evening...so of course I said YES....I hadn't started supper yet...so well....we haven't talked in a while and he is headed to college in the fall....

Friday.....lunch and a roadtrip with friends celebrating my friend Barb's return from Afghanistan. Things just keep coming up....

BUT on a positive note....I manged to pack up two bags of books to take to the Goodwill Store...and I'll drop them off on my way to dinner this evening!! Also bagged two bags of trash and declutter junk from the basement......so VICTORY.....of a small sort...but it's all I've got right now!

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