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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being Inspired

Work is here ....again but I'm determinjed to keep up my declutter, book purge, and other "projects" that will just make my life easier.

I'm headed out on one last short trip of the summer before really being "grounded". I'm leaving for Houston Saturday and will be gone until Thursday. After that my focus turns almost completely to home, budget, and holiday prep.

I was inspired by looking at some great blogs about turning junk and dollar store finds into home decor and/or gifts. Some of the things were just sweet and are items I would love to display. I have one little project in mind for when I get back from my trip but I also need to remind myself that I'd be able to do more of them....and enjoy displaying them if I can get clutter under control. So the little junk/dollar decor projects are going to be my inspiration. After I make progress.....declutter another shelf of books, take a boxc or bag to Goodwill, clean out a drawer or cabinet. I am going to reward myself with some creative fun. And of course I'll share it all with you here at Month by Month.

So stay tuned for inspiration and housework!!

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