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Monday, July 26, 2010

Writing, Blogging, and Housework

I'm working on too many projects at once! Well, what's new. That seems to be the story of my life. This summer is a great example....trip 1, trip 2, trip 3, and about to go on trip 4. As each trip rolled around, I've enjoyed it very much but for awhile there juggling all the plans and budgeting was a bit crazy...

So it is with writing, blogging, and housework. Today I've spent a great deal of my morning working over at Magical Holiday Home. I have been organizing and adding new materials. One of my goals is to get each of the "special day" pages written into a framework that I can follow each year. So far, I've completed Rudolph Day and Great Pumpkin Day. It was a bit of up front work but I think it will help me a lot. It clears the clutter of all the possibilites from my mind and allows me to see a small piece of the big puzzle.

Next on my "to do list" for Magical Holiday Home is to re-work the Monthly Magic pages. they have been up almost three years now and after working with them I feel like they are a bit cumbersome. So the goal is to get them ready for 2011. I'm not changing them too much but streamlining and simplifying the lists. They will also have a section that goes hand in hand with Rudolph Day and the other "special days" so I can't really finish this item until I finish those pages.

Here on the home front...today is dishes and laundry day....so off the computer and into the real world....it awaits and if I ignore it...it will only become a monster of a mess and take twice as long!

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