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Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Home Mood

Just got back from camping and I am really in the mood to work around the house...good thing because a week from tomorrow we are hosting out annual back yard bash and there's tons of stuff to do to get ready! Thanks to Facebook Events and a few invitations that went out prior to the camping trip...everyone should be in the know!

This year....it's a Gypsy Caravan...such fun...but first the cleaning and prep! The backyard quite honestly is a disaster...what with all the rain from this summer, the heat and humidity, and all my trips...things have been neglected...so I have seven days (more like 7 mornings because of heat) to get it just a tiny bit under control! So tomorrow morning I survey the area and start some weed control. After tomorrow, I'll have a list for my early morning yard work and I need to stick with it!

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