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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Back to Work

Wow ....I have been home from my trip now for four days and just can't seem to get moving. Spent two of the days at the emergency room and the orthopedist.....because daughter Kelsey twisted her knee while in Mexico and it looks like it's going to need some ongoing treatment....nothing like doctor visits to upset one's routine.

July is still GET RID OF BOOKS MONTH and so today I will work a bit on that, as well as, laundry....I have a ton of that. So I want to get some of it finished. To keep the books managable, I plan to work on just two shelves today and then make an immediate trip to the Goodwill store to get rid of them. I also have some clothese to go there so I can do both on the same trip. Another MUST for the day is to clean off my desk and pay a few bills.

Since it's Stocking Stuffers Month also I wanted to try picking up a few things. Yesterday I made a trip out to the local book store at the little outlet mall and was very disappointed to discover that it was closed....everything is gone and they have shut their doors....so sad! This economy has to get better because things are really getting depressing!

I'll try to pop back in this afternoon with an update and a yummy recipe!!!

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