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Monday, August 9, 2010

August Plan Update #1

Remember a few weeks ago when I devised the wonderful August Plan? Well, now it's August 9th....time for an update. Dear Me!

Room of the Month: The kitchen.....I'm going to be honest...it is a BIG MESS. Going back to work takes a bit of getting used to. I need to get it in order BIG TIME

Focus of the Month: Clothes....I did manage a tiny bit on this. I also hate that in about six weeks or so I am going to have to deal with season change, Lots to still do in this focus area.

Living My Life: I have managed to plan a few fall excursions but honestly until I get the home front under control...its hard to manage this one! After I get used to work schedule again I am picking one room a night to give a quick cleaning to in addition to general kitchen chores which are a nightly task ( that often gets skipped)

Honestly so far it's not really that I can't MAKE myself do the stuff....it's that I really am TIRED...also I think I have a cold...stopped up nose and headache. Hopefully once I get to feeling better I can get August on Track better!

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Leann said...

Well hey Ginger! So glad to hear from you!!! You were my inspiration to start a blog. I changed my focas from just Christmas as you can tell, but still talk a lot about it:)

Thanks so much for stopping by and know that I'll be back!