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Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Plan Update #2

Room of the Month: The kitchen.....this is still not udner control and I have one week of August left...okay 9 nine days....lol. I have manged however to make REAL progress in the office...I don't know i was just inspired to do it...I have more to dp to the office but it looks a lot better!
Focus of the Month: Clothes....Today is laundry day...so this evening I will work through a basket or two of clothes that are just lingering in the laundry room and see if I can get a bit more accomplished with this focus area!

Living My Life: This is a hard one for August because things are rather hectic but I have manged to schedule: Trip to zoo on August 29th (weather permitting), Schenck Girls at the Lake-Autumn for weekend of October 2nd.


Sunday: Laundry and Bedroom:  I will clean what I can on the bedroom during the day and then work on laundry in evening while watching TV in family room (which is close to laundry room!)

Monday: Kitchen: I will clean the fridge and work on the cupboard again! The cupboard seems to be a never ending story!

Tuesday:  It's Tuesday in Paris as some of my fellow MHH members say. Bathrooms!! This isn't a huge chore but one that seems to take some motivation!

Wednesday:  Livingroom...It's usally a bit of a mess by midweek so hopefully this will make it easier to clean on the weekend!

Thursday: This is our "girl's night out" so no room!

Friday:  Office...I'm not sure I will always be able to manage this on Fridays. It will depend on my schedule etc. but I think it is a good goal to set because if I keep at it...the office will just need a quick pick up and the desk top to be cleaned off!

Saturday: This is MAJOR cleaning day as well as grocery shopping...so floors, vacumning, etc. I am hoping this becomes easier if I stick with the room a day routine. This will also be the day for BIG projects like working on the garage and basment. So I may alternate ...like one week MAJOR cleaning, next week garage, next week MAJOR cleaning, next week basement. There's a lot to do in both the basement and the garage. I got a good  start in the garage in the spring but then hot weather pretty much put a stop to that, Time to get back with it!!

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