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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bedroom Project

So as you can see....I managed to blog Week One of the Holiday Grand Plan. I am soooo bad at long term projects but I finally pulled off the bedroom project. Well, almost, I still need to paint and put up the new closet door. I also need one other peice of furniture...still searching for it...a small tall dresser for beside the bed. A thrid item I am still looking for is a floral or twig swag to hang above the headboard of the bed...not playing full price...so I need to find it at a resale shop or flea market! That wall can be bare until I happen upon the perfect item! So to celebrate...here's a list of what I managed over hmmm about an 8 week time period. I will get some pictures up soon!

1. Painted walls lavendar and ceiling white.
2. Painted trim white
3. Painted electrical coverings white
4. Painted the floor vent sage green
5. Put down (wood-looking) flooring
6. Painted the old bed I found at the flea market (white)
7. Painted the resale shop lamp sage green (I love it!)
8. Painted the frames of some pcitures I found at the flea market (white)
9. Put up a white little shelf (from flea market)
10. Painted trinket box....sage green
11. Painted some adorable little metal squares white..they are linked with chains and I am going to add the words. Love Laugh Life (as soon as I find the rub on stencils of them)
12. Painted the old brown lamp from my husbands side of the bed white. (it looks new!)
13. Cleaned out about half of the closet
14. Got rid of three bags of clothing and shoes
15. Got rid of miscellaneous other junk

TOTAL Project cost= 400 dollars (thats with an estimated cost for closet doors & dresser & swag for above bed)

I love the room....it is so pretty...and clean! The bed will look nice at Christmas with some greenery wrapped around the headboard!

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