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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holiday Grand Plan: Week One

Week One of the Holiday Grand Plan focuses on Lists and the Front Porch. Well I'm a list maker so the list part was pretty much done before the week started. I have a small front porch so I also included my two front flower beds in my Week One plans.

I'm making good progress (yes I know the week is technically over)! I still plan on finishing off about three or four things on the list tomorrow but I am happy with my week one progress. I manged to week and transplant plants, paint a wire basket for pumpkins and gourds, put away some pots and gardening things that had been "hanging out" on the front porch,  and put in some new solar lights. Tomorrow I will finish up by mopping, cleaning cobwebs and washing the siding on the front of the house. I will also look through fall decor for two signs/wreaths or some fall items to hang on the two hooks that are on the front porch!  I still need to find a new door mat.  All in all...a SUCESSFUL WEEK ONE!!

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House Elf said...

Awesome! Love a great week, even if I have to carry over a couple things :)