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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coupons and Savings

When my children were little I did a lot of couponing and refunding to make ends meet but gradually over the years drifted away from it. Now with the economy the way it is and retirement looming. I decided it was worth another look. It's a whole new world out there with the internet and the ability to actually google and print specific coupons. It's still a challenge to find ones for products I actually use but it's like a treasure hunt. There are couple sites I really like. One is CouponDivas. They do a really good job of keeping track of coupons that are pritnable on other sites and they also mathc the coupons up with weekly sales at places like Walgreens, Krogers, Walmart and Target. For printing coupons RedPlum usually has a lot to offer. Most of the times they have printable versions of coupons that came in the Sunday paper so you can pick and choose to print extras of ones you know you will use by the expiration date. Coupon Cat has a list of coupons available so you can read the list and click on ones to print at other sites. Coupon Mom is a good source also along with Smart Source

So now that you have some great sources for coupons how do you store them and use them? I am setting up a binder. I actually want one of those large binders that zip shut but for now I am using a smaller one that I had on hand. The plactic inserts are actually baseball card holders. You can usually pick them up in the office supply section of Walmart pretty cheap. They are designed for baseball card collectors but work well for coupons. In the past I always just used a little file box...but that's a pain when you are digging for coupons. This way I can see them at a glance. If they are large I fold them so the expiration date/product is visible. You can also purchase similar protective sheets that are set up for photos and they are bigger slots on them.

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