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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kroger Deal 5-20-11

Okay thanks to Clippin with Carie and Coupon Divas I got a nice savings at Krogers this week. I even missed a couple deals but (sigh) such is the world of couponing ...sometimes you just miss a deal!

Here's how it stacks up, including a couple non coupon items.

  • DiGiono Pizzas with Wings or Cookies (Kroger Sale $5.99-.50 from a special buy ten get 5 off purchase on selected products) Kroger Cost $5.49 minus 1.25 coupons ...My cost=$4.24  I bought 4
  • Cool Whip (Kroger costs minus same buy ten deal .99)  My cost .99 I had a coupon but they didn't have the specialty flavors.  I bought four!
  • Ore-Ida Potatoes (Kroger costs minus same buy ten deal) My cost $2.79
  • Country Time or Kool Aid Drink Mix 10/$10....I stocked up for the whole summer :) TEN
  • French's Spicy Mustard (Kroger sale 1.69) minus a .50 coupon doubled= my cost 69 cents each. I bought three
  • Lawry's Marinade (Kroger sale $1.69) minus a .50 coupon doubled=my cost 69 cents each. I bought three different flavors.
  • Kraft 2% Milk Cheese Singles (Kroger Price $1.79) minus my 1.00 coupons. My cost=.79 each I had two coupons so I bought two!
  • Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce (Kroger $2.49) minus a .50 coupon doubled. My cost=$1.49 Bought 1.
  • Bread: Managers Special 89 cents. I picked up some last week for 49 cents and they were perfectly fine. Bought 1.
  • Chicken Breast. I forget the exact price. Not on sale.
Total Retail Cost= $133.15
Minus Manufactors Coupons (10.50)
Minus Doubled Coupons (3.50)
Minus Kroger Plus Savings and the 5 off deal (64.00)

My Cost: $55.15
Total Savings=78.00

Missed Deals (in case your Kroger has them)
  • California Pizza Kitchen plus appetizers (same as DiGiorno deal) there's some 1.25 coupons out too
  • Wisk: On sale for 3.99 and there's a 2 dollars off coupon out there. :( I'm sorry I missed this one!)
  • Texas Toast Kroger Sale 2.79 minus the 5 dollar off ten discount = 2.29 minus a 55 cent coupon. I didn't buy these because I had picked them up at Schnuck's for a slightly cheaper price.
I'm slowly stocking up. Over all I am working to cut about 40% off my grocery bill. Perhaps after doing it for a while I might be able to cut my current total bill by 50%. We will see. I figure for the first month or two I won't notice quite as much savings because I will need to get stocked up first.

  • Those three French's Spicy Mustards each had a fifty cents coupon on them I can use later. They don't expire until sometime in 2012!
  • While I was in the store I picked up three 1.00 off any size Tide coupons that are good until the end of September 2011.

Happy Couponing!

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