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Monday, May 23, 2011

Coupon Match Ups and Menus

So how do all those coupons match up into menus...(I've gotten some good deals on health & beauty but what about REAL food!)

A weeks worth with coupons might look something like this!

Oscar Meyer Hotdogs (.99 a package Walgreens sale plus coupon)
Ore Ida Fries (2.79 Kroger with a buy ten deal..no coupon)
Hot Dog Buns ( 1.00 Buy ten deal Kroger)
French's Mustard (Dollar General .70 cents a bottle with sale and coupon)
Total Cost= $5.48 (plus left over mustard)

Chinese Meatballs (Armour Buy Ten deal at Kroger, can't remember exact price)
Rice (pantry)
Mixed Veggies (pantry)

Lloyds Barbequed Pork (Buy one tub get one tub free plus .75 coupon=$3.15)
Hamburger Buns (buy ten deal Kroger 1.00)
Mashed Potatoes (Idaho packet of Loaded Baked) (with coupon on buy three=.66 cents)
Can of Peas (pantry)
Total Cost=$4.81 (plus can of peas cost)

DiGiorgno Pizza and Wings (Kroger buy ten plus 1.25 coupons= Pizzas $4.25) Use two!
Total Cost of Pizza and Wings $8.50

Spaghetti (pantry)
Hunts Sauce (buy ten plus coupon, forget exact price)
New York Garlic Bread (Schnucks Sale plus coupon .55 off= $ 1.45 for one box)

Chicken Breast (on sale at Kroger)
Lawry's Garlic and Herb Marinade (Kroger sale and coupon .69 a bottle)
Idaho Mashed Potatoes (With sale and coupon .66)
Salad (fresh produce, no coupon this time!)

Hamburger Helper (Schnucks Buy Ten plus coupon final cost = .50 a box (use two)
Hamburger (non sale 4.00)
Mix Vegs (pantry)
Total Cost=5.00 (plus can of vegs)

So for my first two weeks of really working the coupons...not too bad. I am starting to stock up slowly and once I have a pantry really built, it will be easier. I am currently looking for ketchup and meat deals. I found some Bob Evans sausage coupons and have some Eckrich Smoked sausage ones I want to use too before they expire. I have a couple others where you buy an item and get a dollar or two off meat so I need to see how those stack up! :)

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