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Friday, May 27, 2011

Moser's Deal 5-27-11

Here's a good deal at our local grocery store....not all the items are pictured because I bought multiples of some items.

Here's how it stacks up:

Cool Whip Season's Delight (Strawberry and Chocolate) 99cents. I had coupons :) Buy two get a dollar off....so my cost 50 cents each....I bought four!

Van Camps Pork and Beans Sale priced at 2/1.00  I had a coupon to get a dollar off four...so I ended up with four cans for a dollar!

Kraft Big Slices: They had them for 1.99. I had coupons....duh of course.....for a dollar off....so ended up being .99 cents for me. I bought four!

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs: Sale 2/3.00....minus my dollar off two coupons so ended up being 1.00 a package! I bought four!

Bar S Franks: Sale priced at .89 cents.....minus my dollar off two coupon....so 69 cents each....I got two.

Hidden Valley Salad kit: Marked down to 2.29. and I had a dollar off....so 1.29

I also bought soda they had on sale with a store coupon ended up with two twenty four boxes for 10.00

Nice Deal.....and all stocked up on Cool Whip and Hotdogs for a while! I put the cheese in the freezer. I wanted to get it because I have a bunch of coupons which will expire in June....but I need to check Walmart tomorrow and see their prices...might pick up a few more!

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