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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Weekend!

It's Memorial Day weekend...the official start of summer! I have so many plans in my mind that I want to accomplish on my days off, but I know that it will be impossible to do them all. 

Looking at the photo above reminds me. I wanted to say how much I love my Nook Color that I got back in February. I've slowly been stock piling some books so when we go camping or other places I am all ready! I doubt I'd take the nook on the beach with all the sand but still it's nice to have. I have taken advantage of Free Friday's a lot where Barnes and Noble offers a free book to down load every Friday. Some are not ones I'd normally pick to read but for FREE...I usually down load to give them a try! They also now have apps so I have bought and downloaded a couple of games too!

I wish the rain would stop for a while, however because my yard is looking pretty tacky and it's so hard to get anything accomplished with the weather as it has been being. Well just wanted to check in today and say have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!  


Shannon said...

I have a different reader but you are right, I enjoy downloading free books and getting to know different authors. Glad you enjoy yours.

Ann-middle name said...

I love my nook classic altho, i've been distracted and haven't paid it as much attention lately. But I plan on getting some reading in esp in these temps...