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Saturday, July 9, 2011

What A Snack Deal

Here's my candy and soda deal this week at Kroger!!

They have candy bars for 2/1.00 AND I had three candy bar coupons (2 for Three Musketeers and 1 for Milk Way (I had another Milk Way but I used it earlier when I had a craving! I LOVE the Dark Chocolare Milk Ways!)  The coupons were fifty cents off  two so once Kroger doubled the coupons ....the Candy Bars were FREE

Now for an even sweeter deal....I had some buy two candy bars get a FREE 20 ounce soda up to 1.59. So I also got THREE free sodas. The only draw back was the only kind on the coupon that Kroger had was the Sundrop. I picked these soda coupons up at a gas stop (Casey's I think) while we were on the way to South Dakota. Lesson: ALWAYS be on the lookout for coupons. I used one at the Casey's too...for a little trip treat but it wasn't near as good a deal as Kroger. :)

Speaking of Kroger, I want to put in a good word for our local Kroger. I have found some awesome coupon deals there. When I watch the sales and double my coupons I can get better prices than Walmart. Plus I like to throw some business to other local store than just MEGA GIANT Walmart. In addition, the cashiers are super friendly and helpful.

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